Wine & Cellar Management

Having studied extensively in England and the USA, and with experience in selecting and planning wine lists for Wine Committees and London-based events venues, Victoria Aldwinckle is perfectly placed to provide highly valued experience and knowledge to develop wine lists and collections.

Albany Events provides independent experts who are not tied to any suppliers; our services are impartial and are provided to fit entirely with the client’s requirements.

For restaurants and catering businesses, we can provide advice on selecting and developing your wine list to have the broadest appeal to customers. Through well established contacts, we can source excellent ranges of wines for our clients, at the best rates.

Albany Events can also provide advice on the service and presentation of wines. If required, we can provide staff with a brief tutorial on the world of wine, the grapes and regions and the importance of service and quality. Good knowledgeable staff can make a world of difference to which wine a customer selects.

Please contact us for details of services and prices.